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The owners and whatever should be prosecuted for fruad and deception. We were promised if they could not do anything we would get a refund.

Well guess what we are out of $2900.00. They have all are personal financial information, lord knows what they will do with that. Oh, and we cannot not even get them on the phone. Phone message claims the number is not valid.

This company has to be a fraud. No one contacts you you have to call them and you are lucky if you can get anyone.

Do not deal with them. I have submitted a complaint to the Arizona Attorney Generals Office hoping they can do something.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

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their number is 801-462-2280


Sorry, i had the # wrong before. John Common's actual number is (480)-297-9225


As you all know John Common embezzeled from Bruce Spurlock (who is a good guy, and now he's broke) and used the money to live the high life. Now John Common opened another mortgage relief scam called Mortgage Center Relief.

To get your money back contact JOHN COMMON, his email: or contact his girlfriend at

Call him at: (480)-297-9226 or send him a letter to Address: 13639 East Paradise Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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