My name is Tim Radmore and I am not afriad to give my name and tell the truth unlike discount mortgage.

Because of a lay off I contacted Discount mortgage because I thought they might be of assistance. After being assured that if they were unable to help me I would recieve a full refund I paid 1695.00 for Discount Mortgage to assist. After jumping through hoops to provide every single piece of information they asked for, I was told that they would submit my information to the bank and the bank had 60 days to get back to me. After 59 days I had heard absolutely nothing so I called Discount and they said, "Oh the bank hasn't responded yet." Out of curiosity I called the Bank to see what they had heard. To my suprise they had heard nothing from dicount. I call discount mortgage back to see what in the world was happening.

The next day the bank called me and said they recieved the information from discount mortgage however since the information was already over 2 months old they couldn't use it.

To rule out that the bank wasn't lying to me I ask them to send me the electronic confirmation of the time the fax was recieved, which they did and not to shockingly it was the day I called into Discount Mortgage after not hearing from them for 2 months.

I asked discount to send my the electronic confirmations of the communications that they had sent to the bank and they could not. (Legal Requirement to retain this information).

Discount said they would "look into it." I have called them several times since no no return phone calls.

I disputed the charges with my credit card and Discount Mortgage falt out lied to them and said I provided false information to them on the information I provide to Discount.

It is one thing for this company to be criminals and thiefs it is an entirely different thing for them to slander my credibility with a third party. Truth be known I would have probably would have let this go as a shame on me lessons learned. However, a dog like Discount slandering my good name with a third party will not be tolerated. I will be taking this to small claims court and will win, because the facts and truth are on my side.

Not to suprisingly the BB gives Discount Mortgage an F rating, (easy to find just go to BBB.com and look up discount mortgage relief.

Monetary Loss: $1695.


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Yes, I had the same problem. The threats and numerous phone calls. Disgusting.


Well it seems Discount Mortgage or INQB8 or Mortgage Relief or whatever other name they will be going by tomorrow is NOW CLOSED!They were kicked out of their current location for not paying their rent and are moving on to another location in Scottsdale but will be now just processing for other companies.

This means other will be getting robbed by these clowns and not even know it.This means all their customers are S.O.L they have sent out cancellation notices to many of their customers claiming they are in BREACH OF CONTRACT, which is just BS for "you are not getting your money back" I suggest everyone who has a file with them file a claim with the Arizona Attorney General in order to get your money back because as of today they are closed.


Well you guys please don't enpect your refund, we as employees have not been paid Mr John Common still owes me 4 checks- and when he did pay us the checks bounced.... Yeah I don't think this is a company anyone should contract with....


I have heard today they either the AG or local police but an injuction againist DMR to stop all sales and operations protaining to that... also I agree 100% abbey


this is in response to the *** who posted that discount mortgage relief is a legitimate company and helps people, you're full of ****. So, you sit in your cubicle 6 days a week scamming innocent people, tell me when was the last time you received a paycheck?? you're an ***!


I work in the Customer Service Department of Mortgage Relief, LLC.I've been with the company for over three months, initially working as a pre-qualification agent.

I find it laughable that previous clients want to jump onto sites like this and threaten class action lawsuits and small claims court filings. If ANY of these complaints were in fact VALID, I wouldn't be sitting at my desk, in my cubicle, answering the phone, in Scottsdale, SIX DAYS A WEEK. Every client signs a contract.

"Breach of contract" is self-explanatory.Maybe you should READ the paperwork you sign?!


go to azfamily.com and see the FBI sstory part 2......


I would just like to say to all of you that have been a victim of Discount Mortgage Relief that I truly do wish the best os luck to you all!!I work for Arizona Mortgage Relief located in Phoenix, Arizona but not to be confused with Discount Mortgage Relief located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are a licensed full-scale Mortgage company conducting not only Loan Modifications, but Refinances, Reverse Mortgages and Purchases. If you are in need of some assistance or just looking for some options, I would be glad to assist you in any way possible. Even if it is just a "how to" phone call. I dont understand how people can prey on others especially in this economic crisis.

We do not charge high up front fees like most companies do. We do charge a $400 down payment to begin the Modification and you have small payments for 12 months. Please, I urge you to look into every company before paying any money!! This is your home!

Please do the research! My contact information is (1-877) 374-9089 ext.

108 if you have any questions or concerns!God bless you all!!My email is vruiz@azmtgrelief.com


I started this company in california with this *** bag owner and others and we were shut down in 3 months for reasons I did'nt understand...I then brought two friends into the company and the Arizona office was started, one quit immediately after being abused, then the other...We are honored to hear of the raid and are willing to share all we know..I have spoke with the FBI and AG for a year, I was sued by the owners John Common and Bruce Spurlock (of Iowa) for harrasment and lies about the company..I won the court case..I was told not to say anymore..BS...I know how tyhe owner wanted us to not give refunds or we were fired....I pray he goes to jail for all the abuse he caused....stevetinaj@sbcglobal.net......These basterts ruined me and my wife by moving us to another town and abandoning us and not paying us moneys owed and putting us in a position to be horrible and not even knowing it...Everyone please stay on this, I have for over a year suffered and

Meriden, Iowa, United States #129629

Well the FBI raided them yesterday, see the vid footage on CBS Ch. 5 Phoenix

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