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This company is a scam, they take money from people who are either losing their home or about to go into default on their mortgage. The company claims they can get a loan modification for the client (which they refer to the client as a deal)and they charge the client what they call a servicing fee.

But in most cases Mortgage Relief does not even contact the clients lender. And when a client tries to cancel they get nothing but the run around "we sent your cancellation to our customer solutions department and they will respond to you in writing within 30 to 45 days or 30 to 60 days" and the client will hear this *** for months some as long as 8 months. The company also has a habit of paying its employees with hot checks, if they pay them at all. The Attorney Generals office in Arizona and the FBI raided the company on 4/2/2010 and took their server and of course the company did not have a back up server (hhmm dealing with mortgage info and personal information of clients shouldn't a back up server be in place?)to hear Mortgage Relief tell the story it was no big deal they are raiding all loan modification companies, however the Attorney Generals office and the FBI both state the investigation for this particular company is still open and ongoing because the complaints from consumers and present as well as former employees are still coming in on a daily basis.

Now I see the company is posting phony testamonials on if you are a client of this company and think you too have been scammed contact the FBI and the Arizona A.G. office immediately.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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lmao!!! these testamonials are made up by the companies managers!

They wrote them up and posted them all over the internet these clients dont even exist!!!! this company is a huge scam they are just out to make money. went to training class and after one day on the floor listening to them make fun of the people calling in and lying to them also but the most shocking was the fact they were making up these testamonials or success stories as they were calling them to try to negate all the bad but true comments on the internet was it for me, i knew i could not work for this company and im glad i didnt cause apparently they havent paid their employees in over a month.

and former employees and check cashing places were calling in all day wanting money for bounced payroll checks....good lord and that was my first and only day on the sales floor and customer service dept. this place has some huge problems.

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