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The owner of this so called loan modification company goes by the name of John Common or does he? No!

it turns out his real name is Haytham Elzayn!

google both names, Seems this crook has been pulling cons most of his life starting with ripping people off by selling them bogus car warranties and not paying out but refusing to give them a refund closing shop and moving cross country opening up companies and shutting down when he bilks thousands. Now he's running a loan modification company and taking desperate peoples money,do not do any business with this company if in doubt just call the Attorney Generals office and ask them they will tell you not to do business with them and ask them for your money back if you were unlucky enough to get suckered in by his scammers.Please do your research before you give away your money,if you are a current client just try calling in and getting a refund or asking for a supervisor and see how they treat you or better yet call in and ask to speak to John Common himself he himself will convince you made a big mistake once you speak to this buffoon.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I was a former employee at this scam of a mess. Everyone working there tried to reassure me this is not a scam!

But they were caught in their own lies! A year ago this place was raided by F BI when I first started to work there.... It was a sign from GOD. when I would take calls, I had sooooooo many customers calling me telling me how huge of a scam they are.

I hihghl suggest staying away from this place for loan mods of employment!! I am still a paycheck behind, but DGAF!!!


I work there and I do believe that John is a crook. I haven't been paid in 6 weeks and I know for a fact that ex employeees have NOT received any money owed to them after they departed the building, they are not even aloowed in the building to check on the income that is owed to them.


I have worked in the Customer Service Department at Mortgage Relief, LLC for over three months. Aside from (sometimes FRUSTRATING) miscommunications between pre-qualification agents and the processing department (most often regarding the LENGTH of time required to complete a mortgage modification), the overall GOAL of our company is to COMPLETE A MORTGAGE MODIFICATION.

I myself sit in our office, at a cubicle across from the processors, LISTENING to them on the phones, negotiating with lenders on behalf of our clients. Sometimes, unfortunately, we are unable to successfully modify a client's mortgage in a way that will save them sufficient monies to render our services beneficial. In these instances, a refund is issued. A mortgage modification is a (sometimes very LENGTHY) process.

On another note; we HAVE been investigated by several (federal and state) authorities. We're still here.

We're still working. We're not going ANYWHERE :)


To hear any employee speak well makes me throw up...I so unfortunately helped build this god forsaked company as the GENERAL MANAGER of the California Office with two others who also quit and ran...I started it in California with great intentions...After getting thrown out of california from what i believed was not his fault (it ended up being he stole all the money) we started 2 other companies, me in california doing a car company program called (recall headquarters) and him with Bruce Spurlock and my 2 partners in arizona, From day one in arizona it was a criminal empire and everyone new, everyone from the top down as JOHN teaches by Fear to not give refunds period,,,Dummies should be quiet if ya worked there and say nothing or tell the truth..Ya all gonna show up at sentencing and speak well of the *** bag, I am gonna speak the truth and pray that the FBI and AG bury these *** bags..Go to for more and a years worth of work on my part....try and file another lawsuit on me JOHN COMMON from prison this


I started to do business business with this company because they did not represent themselves ever as Discount Mortgage Relief LLC, just Mortgage Relief LLC, which also is in Arizona and has a BB rating with the BBB. On the same day I faxed some of my documents including my payment info I learned of a mod and also a foreclosure from my lender and knew we needed to do this ourselves, so I faxed, emailed and called to cancelled asap and also did not hit reply to their email that requests you reply to ensure you agree with their process, etc..

Given all this I assumed all was well but still put a stop payment on the ACH. It still went through near the end of the month in February which I did not find out about until the beginning of March and at that time I had never heard from anyone from DMRLLC not once, so I was to say the least surprised. I called and called and faxed and emailed and one day a miracle happened someone answered the call cycle. They were of no help of course and argued the case that of course I was a customer it took time to set up documents and I explained that a foreclosure document had been sent to you with the cancelation notice and it was last week, what did you think you would do?

I have not heard from anyone, it was mind boggling. So I was told it had to go to the review board, I asked for a manager, but they weren't available, they would call me back, which never happened. so I called again, you can see the cycle. Then they tried to take it again in March!!

I actually got one rep to agree I wasn't a customer and would put my file to the review board and I asked to speak to a manager. I did and they were going to do all they could to get the refund and call me the next day, this was 2 weeks ago. I've never heard from her.

Now It takes over 1 1/2 hours to stay on hold and I give up so I am filing complaints with the Attorney General, The Class Action, The small claims court, and anywhere else these companies reside. :roll


How interesting, Helaine Cohen is really Lanee Cohen. take a look at the INQB8 - Linkedin site.

Lots of people there. Bruce Spurlock seems to be a Principal at CoPackStrategies, LLC in Des Moines, Iowa Area. I love the internet. I once found John Commons cell phone number on the web and called him, actually have a very mean nasty conversation with him.

He told me if I ever called his cell phone again, he would sue me for harassment. Fin hilarious.

Time to find out if Bruces other interests are a corrupt as DMR.


I was laid off 6 weeks ago, and quickley was hired by this company a week later. As a "filler" job until I find another career level position, I was impressed by their payment plan.

My first two weeks on the phone, I averaged almost $30/hr, quite unusual for a call center. However, I must say that I was never told to lie and the company from HR to Management seems very professional and legitimate. I believe that clients don't realize that to process their loan modification, it can take up to 180 days. Many sales reps don't make this clear; many clients are desperate, and don't listen, or read the fine lines of the underwriting contract.

Because of this, there are many irate clients; however, I must say, I have spoken to many, many satisfied clients that have had their homes saved at the point of forclosure or auction. They move forward with interest reduction and often times pricipal reduction. Although I am completely against the current outrageous level of government spending; the funding is there and this company knows has the industry knowledge to get it for those that pre-qualify for hardship assistance.

I just think there is a gigantic breakdown in communication between the sales department and the department that actually has to process the loan modifications. Each case takes a lot of time, and sales is enrolling people in the program much faster than processing can actually perform the service in a timely matter.


You will be happy to know that the FBI has stormed the INQB8 offices located in Scottsdale,AZ., taken thier computers, and files as of today 04/01/2010.


I workED (pas tense emphasized) at INQB8 until today when a large group of FBI agents & police stormed into the place & told everyone present to get off the phone & step away from their desks. I personally was not surprised because when something smells bad it probably is but when you have been out of work for a long time & you finally find a paycheck you take it. So it was kind of a relief!

The FBI served a search warrant and confiscated the company's computers, so it's unlikely there will be any calls out in the near future. If you are trying to call in I don't think you should expect any result from that either with no staff there any longer. If you were one of the unfortunate people who paid for a service don't worry because chances are you won't get any less service now than you would have before, you just won't be asked to continue making payments if you have been smart or lucky enough to have not yet paid in full.

At least those people I spoke to as a telemarketer on the front lines, who complained to me that they were fed up receiving calls day after day or at times when they were trying to sleep e.g. night workers who got very upset at being called during the day after requesting to no longer receive calls, can finally get their request granted. Many people were called repeatedly, day after day, in some cases by me during the time I was there, because that was what the bosses wanted us to do & we wanted to get our paychecks. We got paid for either transferring calls to "underwriters" who were just closers or turn-over people who would quote the actual price, negotiate to get whatever they could out of the mark, and say anything just to get the customer to agree to part with the cash they needed so badly themselves. This was preying on the needy in the worst possible way. I think many of the staff actually believed that we were offering a genuine & necessary service to people who would actually benefit from it, but there is no doubt in my mind that was not true.


I too have been contacted via telemarketing by "Mortgage Relief." They have been calling me one or two times each day trying to get me to "use their service" to get my mortgage modified. I have already applied for a loan modification through my lender which doesn't require a deposit and called them to ask if they were using mortgage relief or if they were affiliated with them. They told me no, that they work directly with their borrowers and do not use a third party. So I decided to do a little research. As a former paralegal, this is what I am good at. For those of you who need the info, here it is:

INQB8, LLC the parent company, is a foreign corporation, meaning it is based in another state, in this case DE.

It is also doing business as Discount Mortgage Relief, Low Price Joe, Mortgage Relief and WOW Mortgage Relief. Apparently they do have something to hide with that many alias'.

The original filing date for the corporation in AZ was 3/10/08 however they did not start doing business locally until Aug. 2009, more than a year later. Their business address is 14000 N. Pima Rd. #150, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 according to the Better Business Bureau (who gives them an F rating, keep reading) and the AZ Secretary of State Corporation Commission. Since Aug. 2009 (less than a year) there have been 78 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, 2 of them serious complaints. 42 of those complaints are "refund or exchange issues" and 18 are "service issues." Check with the BBB for the others issues. In addition to the name "John Common" (I don't know why he didn't just use John Doe) being used, other names are Bruce Spurlock ("President"), and Helaine Cohen ("Customer Solutions"). According to the AZ Corporation Commission, the company is claiming assets of less than $500,000 and 1-4 employees. Although I didn't find any lawsuits filed against them in Maricopa Superior Court as yet, I did find that the AZ Corp. Comm. Directly links INQB8 with several stereo and video stores in Scottsdale, Crystal Clear Specialist Stereophonic and High Fidelity Equipment, Game Crazy, Roboteq, Inc, Clrs Electronics Electronic Equipment and Classic Components Electronic Equipment, however it appears that none of these businesses have filed their corporate documents with the AZ Corporation Commission. Interestingly, INQB8 Media Ventures, Inc. filed their corporate documents in DE the same day as Mortgage Relief registered their corporate documents here in AZ, 1/12/10. So here are some phone numbers that you may or may not have:

The BBB lists contact numbers for INQB8 and all DBAs as (877)409-2246; (888) 225-2899 (on this one I was actually able to get through but I scared them with what I knew about them and they hung up on me); (949) 272-3929; and fax number (866) 310-9563. The AZ Secretary of State has a contact number of (602) 464-3048 which is the same number for Mortgage Relief. What you people need to do is contact the fraud division in the Maricopa County Police Dept. and make a report, then use the info here to file a class action suit in the Maricopa Superior Court. Although I did not find the name that BKennedy gave you, it doesn’t hurt to add all the defendant names that you can get in a lawsuit and they can be dismissed at a later time if it is proven to the court that they are not a party to actions committed by the Defendant. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t have given you this info in advance so that you would not have became a victim of INQB8 or any of its numerous DBAs. Unfortunately companies like these do take advantage of desperate people in desperate situations. I hope this may help someone else before they become a victim. If you have any other questions that I could maybe help you with, contact me at and I will try to help you if I can, however I cannot give you legal advice only direct you to where you need to look. My best advice is to contact an attorney in licensed in AZ.


I work here and no one hates him. Maybe you just have anger issues Sir.

We have hundreds of sucess stories.

Also i have never had an issue with payroll. its a great place to work


I work here and dont hate him . I think old employees need to focus on new job and not spend their days hating its not healthy


this guy is a total scammer and even screws over his employees. now he has a brand new car.

ev eryon hates him who works for him. but they are so desperate they have no choice. he changes the pay plan every week and puts the wrong dates on checks.

total fraudster. DO NOT do busienss with discount mortgage relief or you will be sorry

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