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I worked there 2 and 1/2 weeks, and got out. I don't understand why they are still open.

They rip off consumers and in addition, don't pay their employees. ( I think only about 20% of the employees stick around long enough to even figure out that it's a scam). I won't be waiting for that W-2!!! I doubt they are even remitting deductions to the government.

I'm gonna bet they're gone by July 1st - what do you think?

I was told by an acquaintance that they are now paying employees DAILY. . . doesn't sound too stable to me.

. .

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I am so sorry for your dilema as well..

Are you aware of the fact that (I later learned of this) when applying for a modification,we,you (us !) are not to be asked for "ANY MONEY" down?

I just about died a thousand deaths when I heard of this.Last Oct. '09 gov. here in calif. signed a bill that no money was to be asked up front and AZ.

followed suit to this as well.. Iam still trying to get our refund back, now the company is saying for us to send them the proof they deducted from our debit card? Can you believe that?

the thieves... I hope and pray they will "get" their's soon....

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