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This company has just about worn out it's welcome here in Arizona. Couple of things I've learned - the Managers are being paid cash daily - ?????What kind of legitimate company needs to do that? How bad is the cash crunch?????

The lease on that space in Scottsdale has to be up soon - they opened in August of last year?

I'd like to email/contact other former employees who were burnt by these guys.

I thought the fact that they had a three day weekend was interesting since John Common is not known for giving time off the clock - when he could be stealing from customers (who won't get modifications) and employees (who won't get pay checks). My friend/acquaintance who works there went out of town with two other managers for California for the weekend - wonder if they're headed back there again soon to rip them off again?

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I too, was burned by this company. I was let go for not meeting my quota during a week everything was all call backs (outbound), I at that time, just didnt have the heart hard sell people after getting further varlidation of the illigitimacy of this company.

To date they owe me about 1000 dollars for my last two weeks. Getting ready to file with the labor board and the AG's office.

I can be reached through my gmail account with the above "name". Hope to hear from you.


Discount did the same thing to me. They stole $1600 of my money and promised that I would qualify without any problems...then I didn't, per my loan company, and they have refused to refund me, even though it is in their contract to do so.

I hope the FEDS go after these aholes as well.

And the BBB is no help at all. They get paid by these businesses and will not protect consumers.


I got burned by them but have done something about it how can I contact you?

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