The feds and AG raided him atlast as of yesterday...go to azcentral.com and type in discount mortgage relief and the article is there...call the ag and thank them.....As you know i spent many many hard months to stop this man, and i was taken to court by him and threatend by him and atlast the path to salvation will be, i cant wait to see him to go jail.....I suggest all victums call the AG and thank them as well as the FBI...I accept the thanks as well...hahahah...I pray for the day i get to testify if i am so lucky

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I just stopped payment on a check for $1000 and could not be happier!! I got in touch with Arizona's Better Business Bureau and they reported 125 cases against this firm with an F rating.

This firm is also known as WOW mortgage Relief and about seven other various names. My personal information was sent to Mortgage Relief on Pima St., the BBB also said that the name before was Discoung Mortgage Relief. I asked Devin who was helping me if the company was named Discount Mortgage Relief and he denied it! It was "too good too be true" and my gut feeling told me to stop the check even before the BBB got back to me!

Don't make the mistake that my mother did and call the number on the television commercial.

They all make it sound so great. I am glad that I got out before it was too late!


Yes this is a victory. I have been fighting them since last Aug.

I've been back and forth with the BBB on them. I hope they all go down (and I hope I get my money back).

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