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My husband saw an "ad" for Discount Mortgage Relief on MSNBC and since we were having financial difficulties immediately called and signed up to be SCAMMED!!

We constantly tried to follow up on the progress of our "mod program" and my husband spent many hours on the phone being aggravated and received no satisfactory results.

Today we are told the company is no longer in business and I have not been able to contact anyone to find out how to get our money reimbursed to us.

We can not afford to just forget about this money and consider it a lesson learned! Trust me when I say we definitely learned a lesson but I intend to find a way to get our money returned to us somehow!!

Anyone who has successfully gotten their money refunded please respond to this article

Monetary Loss: $3600.

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Just talked with these people and they say they are government their number is 801-462-2280 :sigh


The only way to get you money back is to personally take it from him


Sorry, i had the # wrong before. John Common's actual number is (480)-297-9225

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