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In February 2010 on the 14th I sent some documents to MRLLC to setupaccount.They never called themselves Discount MRLLC, so when I previously checked BBB I noted a BB rating.

There is a MRLLC inArizona that is legitimate and it is their BBBrating theyhide behind. On the same day I faxed, emailed andcalled tocancel service due toreasons from my lendorand sent documentation. NeverHeardAnythingFromAnyoneUntilEarlyMarch INoticedTheMoneyGoneFromOurAccount.

Icalled and spentUnbelievablehoursOnHoldInTheirHoldCycle,CallerNo7ThenNo18ThenNo24To noend,faxed,emailed,andwasToldItWasIinreview,cant get intouchnow still,fax,email,call,request,refund.Spent10hoursThisWeekOnHoldWaiting4ARepWithNoLuckTheyEvenTried,toTakeItAgainInMarchAndIveNeverHeardFromAnyone.Just want my money back as I am due they havent done any work nor should as I cancelled within 72 hours for very good reasons and they know why


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call the FBI and AG in arizona and add your name to all the other, every bit helps...please do....

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