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In the Miss USA pageant, representing Iowa as Miss Iowa, Libby Muelhaupt (Elizabeth Muelhaupt) mysteriously disappears after the first round. Apparently and this is by her own admission she was kicked off the contest for drinking alcohol and smoking in her room!

Of course so as to not to embarass the fine State of Iowa it was all hushed up.

Of course Bruce & Libby Muelhaupt were partners in Discount Mortgage Relief and when they shut that down they formed another company BDL LLC (acronym for Bruce, Dallas & Libby) it was a credit card debt relief company.

Even after the Mortgage company shut down they continued to take money from consumers and used to for their lawyers to defend themselves against the AZ Attorney General. They of course took thousands from consumers through BDL and eventually shut that company down without providing the service to customers they took money from.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Libby Muelhaupt WINS Lawsit against John Common!!

Libby Muelhaupt WINS Internet Libel suit against John Common. Proves in court John Common is a liar!

Libby Muelhaupt won $500,000 in damages, plus attorneys fees, from an internet libel case against her ex-husband, John "Twinkle Toes" Common.

John Common opened multiple web sites as well as postings in consumer websites, in Libby Muelhaupt's name to libel her.

Court Documents proved that everything John A. Common wrote were, in fact, lies and John Common is a liar.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #710686

John Common admits, in his own words, Libby Muelhaupt was not involved in any of his business practices - including BDL, Mortgage Relief, and all the others.

John Common admits that he slandered and liabled his ex-wife because he knew she was going to talk to police. Unfortunately for John Common his ex-wife sued him for Liable and WON!!!

Besides all the liable websites he opened in Libby Muelhaupt's name, and all of the comments he wrote about her here, he has the website where he admits, in his own words, Libby Muelhaupt had nothing to do with these businesses.

John Common wrote: "Out of my four marriages, I have had three of my spouses involved in the businesses to varying degrees. With each marriage, the degree of spousal involvement diminshed, as a result of my previous experience! Are you starting to get the picture?"

John Common is believed to be "hiding out" in Mesa, AZ and using a New York business address as a cover story.

New York, New York, United States #709354

John Common is now he is going by the name JOHN KHAVARI (his mother's maiden name). John Common = John Khavari

His new cell is: 347-815-3120

His new company is:

SPF NEW YORK. 40 Wall Street 5th Floor, NY 10005

JOHN KHAVARI = John Common

This is the same John Common that has current (August 2013) arrest warrants in Arizona.


Libby Muelhaupt wins Internet Liable suit against John "Twinkle Toes" Common. Proves in court John Common is a liar!

June 19, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt (acknowledging she will never see the money) won $500,000 in damages stemming from an internet liable case against her ex-husband, John "Twinkle Toes" Common, as John Common is known, opened multiple web sites in Libby Muelhaupt's name to liable her. Including the comments he wrote on were all PROVEN LIES. Court Documents proved that everything John A. Common wrote were, in fact, lies and intended to defame and damage his 4th ex-wife. An arrest warrant (the second one in 2 months) was issued for John Common. John Common cowardly fled the state of Arizona and is now living in New York.

August 9, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt wins another case against John Common AKA "Twinkle Toes". John A. Common was not available for comment. Bounty hunters are now searching for John "Twinkle Toes" Common to bring him across state lines all the way back to Arizona where he will face criminal charges for contempt, uttering false checks, failing to pay child support, fleeing, and endangering a minor.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #658552

I dated John Common very briefly til I found out who he really was and would like nothing more than to see him in jail. He is a disgusting human being! He tried to get me to quit my job and move in with him, offered to buy me a car and take me on a very lavish vacation. I became suspicious when I went to his house which has no furniture except a couple of beds for he and his daughter, a cheap dining room set and a hideous couch. His reason for the lack of furniture was he had been busy working and his ex wife got all his belongings in the divorce. Right!

As of a couple of weeks ago John operated an Auto Shop in Mesa located at 255 West Main St. I think it's West Main. Just a block off Country Club Dr. I ran into a couple of his mechanics a couple of weeks ago and they had left because he never paid them so I don't know whether he is still in business there. He had a location in Fountain Hills called Master Tech but supposedly closed it. He probably skipped out on the lease and didn't pay those employees either.

He lived in Fountain Hills at 13852 E Geronimo Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259 and had utility bills under the name Khayari John. His daughter, who is 12 attends Basis School in Fountain Hills.

Hope this helps the cops to get him, or anyone who might be looking for him!

Los Angeles, California, United States #608169

All posts written about her are by John Common, her ex husband. Libby divorced John Common in 2010.

If you replace her ñame with his it would be a confesión by John Common.

to John Common Phoenix, Arizona, United States #658655

LMAO :grin


visit the site on libby muelhaupt to find out more about her

to libby authority Kentwood, Michigan, United States #705732

yeah, go check out the reason John Common just got ANOTHER judgement against him. This time for lible, defamation, identity theft, etc.

Imagine how productive this D-Bag would be if he actually every worked at a "real" job.

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