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I paid discount mortgage relief $1300.00 to contact my mortgage holder in hopes of getting my mortgage payment reduced!

But after about 2 or 3 weeks I contacted my mortgage holder on my own and was able to work things with them I contacted discount mortgage relief asking for a partial refund and they kept giving me the run around.

They would tell me they were transferring to someone to handle my request after which I was put on hold for as long as 30 minuets at a time.

As of today I have not heard from them nor received a refund. I just want my money and hope the law investigate discount mortgage relief for fraud and whatever other charges that can be levied against them!

My advice stay away from these people!

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If you paid the fees by credit or debit card, contact your bank and file a claim immediately! They will investigate and take the money out of their account and put it back in your's.

This is called a chargeback. If they have too many chargebacks, their merchant account will be canceled and they will no longer be able to process payments! Good luck!

There are sooo many of these scams going on right now. You're in my prayers!


Good luck, I have been dealing with the scammers at Discount Mortgage Relief for months now and we almost lost our home, because of bad advice that they gave us. I have filed a claim with the Attorney Generals Office and with the BBB, but still no luck getting a refund. In fact, I received a letter from them telling me that I was in "breach of contract".

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