This company is a Scam and we are sorry we got hooked with them. They promised they could reduce our payment.They took a deposit ($500.) out of our account before we gave them permission to do so.

We had that money saved for our next mortgage payment. Now our lender is threatening to foreclose on us. I am trying to get back our deposit to help catch our payments up. This Company keeps you on hold and then hang up on you They will not let you talk to John Common.

He takes no calls.We just want our money back and forget this mess they got us into. S.Pleasants

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1207358

jack rainmaker las vegas

john rainmaker las vegas

john common las vegas

jack rainmaker common

john rainmaker common

is being followed all over Las Vegas by private investigators. John Common AKA Jack Rainmaker girlfriend helped bug his phone(s), and his computers and is working with the authorities as an informant.


we never take money out with out full permission

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